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"I have never WON so much!"
Michael in Oakland


"Best picks I have eveer seen"
Angelo in Orange County


"How do you do it? Who cares, I'm cashing!!"
Tom in California





Active Meets
Track NameRacing SeasonFast Track Winnings
Santa Anita12/26/16 - 10/10/17$498,445.90
Big Wins - Last 30 Days
Track NameRacing DateTotal Amount
Belmont Park07/14/2017$7,125.30
Belmont Park07/13/2017$5,754.70
Belmont Park07/09/2017$8,307.50
Belmont Park07/08/2017$12,348.30
Belmont Park07/07/2017$3,511.10
Gulfstream Park07/07/2017$5,891.93
Santa Anita07/03/2017$6,096.00
Santa Anita07/02/2017$5,635.70
Gulfstream Park07/02/2017$4,225.25
Gulfstream Park07/01/2017$6,670.63
Santa Anita06/30/2017$5,435.05
Belmont Park06/29/2017$3,436.60
Belmont Park06/25/2017$9,343.70
Belmont Park06/24/2017$4,115.20

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